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Yeah [Sunday

[ mood | indescribable ]

Being 14 offically sucks...for now
But its acctually getting mucho better!

Will You 4 Fly Away With Me

Soo [Wednesday

[ mood | bored ]

Yeah, I have nothing to right in here.
Birthday January 26
Competition Feb.10-12 i think.
Ummm well thats about all thats going on lol.
My Life Is Boaring
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Will You 12 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | devious ]

Right now my photobucket is being stupid so I will update with pictures next time.
Well here is the Re cap of Last week
Tuesday-Boring and sick
Wednesday-Crapy day at dance till acro
Thursday- Work got lots of presents from the little kids I teach, and dance was cancelled.
Friday- Boring once again
Saturday-Brenna and paiges B-day party (the pictures next time) First Ghengis-con(Mongolion Barbecue) Then to Brennas house for Cookie Cake, Candy, and more cookies. Lots of Fun times at there house. Love makeovers, movies, american idol (I so Beat Catherine at that, but I loved her ABC's!!), and probley the most intresting part of it all the worst version of Truth or Dare. Should I just mention Santa, Marco Polo, kiss the big toe, and a safe. If you were there you would know. Wish I could of spent the night, well I kinda did pick up at 10 lol, my parents are idiots I should of been able to stay. but oh well. Can't forget about the infamous phone calls all night long. <3 you girls. Can't wait till upcomming Thursday!! I want the hot tub. Well looking forward to Secret Santa (which isn't so secret, but I have not told anybody so I kept my secret...so far!)

Love Megan

Will You 16 Fly Away With Me

Friday [Saturday

[ mood | Hyper ]

Well Friday I woke up and acctually cleaned up my whole room. That was just so I could go to Just friends later but oh well its still clean. At the Movie there was Catherine, Jamie, Taylor, Camilla, Monique, Kendra, Brenna, Brandon, and Me. We went threw like 10 things of Popcorn. 2 spilt out. (on accident Right Kendra lol) Then we had a popcorn fight. I feel bad for the guys who had to clean up our mess. The movie was good too.
Then after movie Taylors mom picked up taylor and I and we went to her house. So much fun! With the never ending pom fight! I caught that pom in my sumbraro and I have Proof! ha. Hyper dog. The make up messsssss (which the pink finnaly came out of my eye brows.) The Red sugar cookie dough...Yum and then gross. And My favorite part of the Night Snow Angles in Tank Tops and Pj Pants! I <3 MSPL!!

Here are some pictures from TaylorsCollapse )

Will You 30 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | excited ]

Well I don't have much to say. Everything is going pretty good right now.
I still can't find the object that copies pictures from my camera to the computer. I will update with pictures as soon as I find it. I have my Hawaii pictures and now California pictures to still put in here. Well ly all lots. Will update soon.
<3 Megan
Thursday is Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoy your vacation and Turkey!

Will You 5 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | colorful! ]

I wanted to put my pics up from Cali...but as always I am missing the wire that can connect my Digi with my laptop :( will update with them as soon as possible!
Play-offs Friday! We better be Greenville so we can go to the DOME in the end of it all! I hope we will be in final 2!!!
See all my western friends (and a few others) there! Ly guys!

Love You all Lots Megan <3

Will You 43 Fly Away With Me


My life is boring.
Will You 12 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | crazy ]

I am told I need to update!

So I did

Love Megan

Will You 12 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | amused ]

Hey sorry I havn't updated in a million years. My laptop broke and I wasn't able to go on my sister is letting me use her computer otherwise the other entry would still be there. Well scince this isn't my laptop I can't put all my pics on it. Well a brief over veiw of the past to weekends.

July 30th-August 1st
A bunch of my friends and me all went up to Taylors Cabin. We all did alot of swimming(Dipers...lol)it was all a blast. I went Water Skiing too,lots of fun well for a little while. Walks were fun too. Thoose (GANGSTER BOYS) wern't very scary and thats why I was Jamies body gaurd.

August 6th-8th
I went to Taylors house and we went on a bike ride at 9 (Bike accident {lol}) and then a pillow fight all around the house. Also whatched Man of the House. Then we went to bed at like 1 and woke up at 4 to go to Ceder Point. Dragster First thing in the moring I had so much fun!

Well I can't belive summer is almost over I don't want school to start but I do miss some of my friends. Well see you all soon enough.

~Love Megan

Will You 17 Fly Away With Me

I'm Back! [Monday

[ mood | The Opposite of Awake ]

Well Hawaii was really FUN! I am still on Hawaiian time. 6 hours earlier (Like if it is 1 pm it is 6 am.) So yesterday I woke up at 1:50. So I am Really tierd and I have dance. Well Here is all the detals(pics in next update) Well First we went to Oahu and saw pearl Harbor. That was an experiance I prolley won't forget.Then we took a Island Hopper to Maui. There was the best beaches. There we went on a sub,I took my first helicopter and then had a tour of Hana(the first civilization in Maui), and then I went Parasailing and went to a Luau.Next was Kauaii we Kyaked there went on a Katameran went horseback ridding through the mountains and went mud buggin(which is like dune buggieing but with no fenders)we got all dirty and messy and jumped of a 10ft waterfall and I went to a place called spouting Horn and got a Tahitan black pearl necklace. Its a grade A pearl (Which is the best).Next was the Big Island of Hawaii There I swam with 4 dolphins! I did Flumin Da' Ditch witch is going on a river in like a Giant blow up Kyak the last day in Hawaii I went on a Helicopter over a Valcano. That was my experiance.

Will You 9 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | Excited for Hawaii!! ]

Leave me some sweet
To get back too

Will You 5 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey here are some pictures I know I have promised them for a long time.

Hawt PicturesCollapse )

Will You 26 Fly Away With Me

To much time in the SUN [Monday

[ mood | dorky ]

Brenna's last day of school pool Party was on Wednesday. As soon as we got to her house we changed into our swim suits and jumped in the pool. We swam and threw splash bombs at each other it was a fun day in the sun. We had Ginger Bread Cookies (Complements to Francie) Everybody was only supposed to have one but there was extras and they were just so good I practicly ate them all. Ashley brought lots of cookies too. The only healthy thing was the Quesadillas, Tacos, and Taquitos. They were delish. They wern't that healthy ethier. Then on Thursday we went swimming again. We did impresions of other people and when I was doing an impressions of a person. (I'm not gonna say) I fell of the diving board and my foot got all scraped up. So I got out of the pool. (Thanks For brining band-aids Taylor) Then everybody went swimming and I couldn't cuz my foot was bloody. So I grabbed a coke out of the Mini fridge and sat whatching everybody. Ashley said I looked Like a model selling coke. Well we left Brennas around 3 p.m and the rest of the weekend I swam in my own pool. Well I was sun burned really bad but now its Tan. Well leave a comment of what you've done this weekend. Or if you have something to add. Changed the layout whatcha think

Love you Lots

Will You 9 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | amused ]

This Memorial weekend was pretty fun, didn't do much but on friday my family and I went and saw Star Wars 3. It was really boring. Saterday I cleaned up a bit. Sunday went to church and tried to have a friend over but all the people I called were busy. Monday I went to Ranaes and Cats. We played on cats slip n slid. That was fun! Can't wait for summer Vaca! 7 more days of school!!!!!!!!!! 4 days and then 3 after that! Time is going by fast, I am gonna go to peoples houses and they will come to mine. I love summer. Well I still didn't put my pics on my computer yet. I will soon.

<3 Megan

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My Face is even funnier now! [Saturday

[ mood | I am ready to dance ]

Hey Everybody.
My Face may be brusied
My Ego is laughing
Cuz when I fall on my face
And I come off the stage cracking up
Thats really sad. I had a bloody nose
cuz I smacked my face and Tara was
flippin out. my sister told me to stop dancing
right then and there and it was only my
First, back hand spring. But I refused and did the
intire dance trying not to get blood every where.
But I did my second standing backhand spring fine
I didn't let my first scare me.

Well I think that sums up what happend Friday. For thoose who don't get that I will say on my trick before it I came up late, I was rushing to do my backhand spring and I threw my head didn't jump very much and did a face plant right on the blue mat. Well if you know where Megan hit me before in cheerleading i have brusies in that exact place. If you remember where Victoria hit me I have a brusie there. There is also one underneath my nose. The worst one is on my chin though. Its so red, Some people thought i got lipstick all over my face. The bruises cover-up very easily though.That I am very happy about. Hey but it didn't scare me one bit and I am ready to do that backhand spring all over again.

I am bring my digi tonight and will get some awesome pics. Then i will update and put theese HOT pics up for all of you too see!!!

~Love Megan

Will You 4 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | I dunno ]

Hey well I havn't update in a long time. My computer was down and it wouldn't let me go on Aim or on the internet. Well we already had the rehearsal for the dance recital. The recital this up coming Thursday, Friday, Saterday, and Sunday. I dance every day. I can't wait. There so much fun. I am doing summer acro at the studio if any of you want to do summer acro with me I'll get you a sign up sheet if you want one. Well I will talk to you later.

Love Megan

Will You 2 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | content ]

My schedual is real busy right now. well Mondays I have track then Cheerleading, Tuesday I skip track and go to dance, Wednessday I have Track then cheerleading and then Acro, Thursday I have track then I have dance, and Friday i just have Cheerleading. Well my life was busy before but now I have something going everyday. Well I can't wait for the Talent Show. We have practiced so much and so hard and I hope we do really good.!.

I love my cheer girls

Will You 10 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | I'm alright ]

I had Track today and we ran around some blocks, but there are some pretty funny strechs. After that I had cheerleading. It started out good then we moved on to the extention, Megan fell on my face I would say that its everyone who was in our groups. My Eyes watered and it hurt but I didn't cry (I'm a Tuffy) lol Brenna. Then Victoria fell me on my head and our coach Sarah hit my nose. So at school you might see me with some scrapes on my nose. I mean its not broken or anything. It just hurt a little bit. My face was numb for a while. Now I'm ok but its a little read.

Love my cheer girls, I'm not mad at any of you.

Love Megan

Will You 8 Fly Away With Me

April Fools [Friday

[ mood | energetic ]

I didn't do that much on my Spring Break. On Monday I went over to Brenna and Paiges house. We played the Sims 2 university and I went to Collage! how fun. After that her cuz Kennan came over and we jumped on the tramp and made up all these pointless games. Then we played on the computer some more. Then we whatched king Aurther around 10 it was over. We did some other stuff and then at like 1 we got really bored so we whatched Bambi. (Thumper) lol.
On Thursday Ashley, Brenna, Catherine, Francie, Kara, Paige, Ranae, and I all went bowling with our that free pass we got from winning V-i-c-t-o-r-y. We all didn't do that good at bowling. At the place there was a snack bar and Ranae was acting like she was from the 70's. It was all too funny. We all ate around 2 pounds of French Fries each. After bowling we all cramed ourselfs into Brenna and Paiges Van. (Her Mom and Dad were there to) so we ended up haveing to share seats. We went to the Texan and had Banana Splits. Four People shared one and then the other four people shared the other. Her parents had one to. Well both tables ate around half and the rest melted and got every where. There parents finished the whole thing (But they didn't eat Fries). We had so much fun. On the way home everybody forgot we already dropped Ashley off so Mr. Spencer said that we pulled over and threw her out of the car cuz she was being to loud everybody thought he really did untill Mrs. Spencer said we already droped her of. We felt Like Fools
On every other day I just sat at home and did absalutly nothing. But I had a lot of fun! I hope everybody else did. Tell me what you did on Sping Break

<3 You All and I certianly LOVE spring
Comment Chicas

Will You 8 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | bored ]

Hey Spring break...I'm going nowhere.
Tell me if you wanna hang out

I'm gonna type my name with my...

Nose: megasn
Palm: mnhjefcgann (wow that was bad)
Elbow: kmegazn
Wrist: megamn
Eyes closed and one finger: megsn
Ear: mjedgban
Toe: megann

Lol try them yourself!


Will You 15 Fly Away With Me

<3 [Thursday

[ mood | A Litlle bit Crazy ]

Hey, I wanna know if anyone wants to to any thing this weekend, Just call. Well Today was meap bingo it was so funny. We barley played the game because it was so stupid. We did do some fun stuff like lemon. I won't say any of um cuz they just might affend you. Well it will only affend one person. Lol While even though the pizza was cold and the pop was hairy, I had fun.

Calculaters arn't food!

~ Megan

Will You 2 Fly Away With Me

<3 to Hate [Sunday

[ mood | To bored ]

This weekend was really boaring but we whatched two movies, I've seen them both before but I just couldn't resist whatching them again. My favorite had to be The Notebook its so sad I cried it was so good though. I would advise everyone to see it. While atleast the girls. Get in the water! Get IN. Wait sorry hun please get in the water. I wouldn't ask for a more romantic movie. The other movie was the Little black book I didn't like it as much but its still good.

Well If anybody wants to hang out Saterday afternoon or sometime on sunday talk to me!

Comment if you've got something if not don't even bother

Will You 2 Fly Away With Me

Boo Yah [Saturday

[ mood | Oh someones in trouble ]

Everyone I am increadibly bored if you wanna do something this week end call or Im me... Well ttyl

<3 the Incredibly bored Megan

Fly Away With Me

Wow [Tuesday

[ mood | Snow Day!! ]

I went to Minesota this extend weekend for my sisters cheerleading competition. They took 3rd. Well we went to the Mall of America. I got lots of new cloths. I even got my easter "Dress" Its more like a skirt and blazer but its super cute. I got a pair of matching shoes to. There was so much stuff to do there. I had the best Ice Cream in the world. Cold Stone, you make your own custom ice cream my little sister had Banana cookie dough. I thought it was gross, I got French Vanilla with cookie dough, hot fudge, and Carmel on it. It was so good.We went to all these super expensive stores that we saw and laughed at all the outrageously priced cloths. That we still bought. Well when we got off the plane AT TWELVE on Monday night we got stuck in the parking spot and couldn't get out I almost had to drive but I said Katie could instead we finnaly got out of the snow 20 minuets later after pushing and falling in the snow about 80 million times. We had to take out the mats from the car interiot and put the "Nubby" (as my mom would day) side up. We got home around one and went strait to sleep. I am so glad we had a snow day or I would have only gotten 5 hours of sleep. Thank God for snowdays. And We don't have dance today I get to be LAZY! YAH

Comment Plz

Will You 11 Fly Away With Me

Failed to Fail [Thursday

[ mood | blank ]

As everyone else...Lol I got 47 right

The blackout thing was so cool
We were stuck in Mrs. Schuitmens class
What kinda stunk but we didn't
have to work we just talked and Caity got
MARRIED I almost did to
Caity is devoriced now...Sad Huh
Well I didn't have to take the S.S
Test so I was kinda happy!

Will You 6 Fly Away With Me

Hey [Wednesday

[ mood | I feel so Smart ]

Today was both good and bad
Melissa's in the hospital
I am so sorry for her
All's I can do is PRAY its in God's
Hands now

I had so much fun at acro
Sorry I kinda hit my earing on you
YOU know who you are
Well I am really happy about making
all these livejournals today
I love the one I did
for Caity

~Megan ELizabeth

Will You 2 Fly Away With Me

OH Ya [Sunday

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I had competition this weekend...I got 2 PLATNIUMNS and # High Golds. It was awesome. I had such a great time. Production/Knock on Wood got Platniumn. Crazy Train: High Gold. Gossip Folks: High Gold. Riverdance: High Gold. Acepello Pledge: Platiumn. I am so happy it was so fun and now we might go to NATIONALS I would love to. WE GOT THE SPIRIT AWARD...Yeah


Will You 3 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | I dunno what to think ]

Well I have kinda bad news...My back, well I have *spineabifida. Only in one vertebre though so its not as bad. I still might have to get surgery on my back. I will have like a welder on my back. Well I am getting an MRI to see if I have to get surgery. I hope I don't. I wish it would just get better but I can't help at all. Everyone says I should be in a wheelchair,and I shouldn't be walking. Thats why I sit funny other wise it hurts my back. I can't help it. So please stop saying I do, even though I know I do. I really hope its ok.

*Spineabifida- When there is a gap in the bone. Mine looks kinda like this (I saw the x-ray.) /\/\ see the gap between the two bones. (Slash Marks) so a medical welder will have to fill it in. ( )

~Megan Elizabeth~

Will You 2 Fly Away With Me

Tommorow [Sunday

[ mood | Loved ]

Hey tommorow is valentines day! We celebrated it today because nobody is home on Mondays...Well except me but I whatched all these sad lovey dovey movies till 3 in morning like The notebook, Shall we dance, Little black book and Vainty Fair more movies all thourgh Monday. Its like a flippin crying fest (Lol Caity) Well I was board with my old layout. It was time to change. I don't like purple that much though. Oh Well. I think it looks good though. This Friday- Sunday is competetion. I hope we get all golds or the highest thing we can get! The week after that week is Mall of America and my sisters cheerleading competition. Well I am booked till then if you wanna do something talk to me so I can cram something into my busy scedual.

<3 the one and only Megan

Will You 4 Fly Away With Me

Hey How are all of you [Saturday

[ mood | LOL ]

Today I felt the crap and then I felt better but yah. I am So board call me if you wanna do something cuz I am board...Oh so very!


Will You 9 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | Happy ]

Over HIM...Well that was easy

A little to easy

Sorry it wasn't that hard to get over you

I am to happy

Will You 2 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | whatever ]

Why are people so mean at times??
you try hard think
your a sucsess and it backfires

Will You 1 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | OK ]

Hey everyone, how are you. Today is kinda boring but its all worth it. I saw the one I like. Oh I so live for the day if he asked me out! I <3 you. I am not saying who it is so try. But no I won't say a word.

I <3333 you!

Will You 4 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | Excited ]

Hey todays the Super bowl. GO Patriots!

Tell Me who's gonna win!

Will You 16 Fly Away With Me


Hey everyone, I feel better.
Fly Away With Me

Sorry [Wednesday

[ mood | Just listen ]

I don't hate anyone...with one exception Taylor but not anyone else. People talk crap and I am sorry we all get caught up in it. I know my input isn't that important. But I try. I really would like to be better friends with all of you. You too Tara. I just need to be less selfish. Expeically with bragging. I need to go with the flow. This is from the bottom of my heart. I don't want to be mean to anyone. So please don't give me any reasons to. What ever I may have done to you.(Bad atleast) Please Forget.

Leave a coment if you want but then again you probley don't want too... SORRY

Will You 1 Fly Away With Me

More [Wednesday

[ mood | Happy ]

More meap...It is so boaring. My sisters ok I am so relived it is just something that happens in your teens to some people. Atleast it is nothing serious.

Leave something Sweet

Will You 2 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | Ambivilant ]

hey Everyone my competition is just around the corrner. I can't wait. I am getting a skin makeover today. Well at Marshal fields atleast. Goin Shoppin Yay.

I so like someone but I can't have him. :(
It happens!

Fly Away With Me

Hi [Thursday

[ mood | worried ]

LIfe is good

Skills is so crazy...were talking about puberty YUCK. Mrs.Schuitmen lives by Me that is so scary...Yea T and Caity we gotta go Tipi that house of hers. She will be super mad. So if Mrs.Schuitmen has a grudge on you or is getting mad just come by and i will point her out. She is early riser though.

I <33 ?

Will You 1 Fly Away With Me

Birthday [Wednesday

[ mood | Happy ]

Hey everybody its my birthday I am Finnaly 13!!!

I can't wait till the super bowl (Thats when my b-day party is) It kinda sucks though because nobody really cares whats going on during it...I watch it too so it's not to bad.

I am trying to arrange a birthday party. I will invite tons of people.(well if your lucky)

<3 You all


Will You 1 Fly Away With Me


[ mood | Angelic NOT ]

Life is rough. You gets gotta get trough it.

New marking period now i have Skills for the addelesant. How fun Mrs. Scuitmen scary!

Everyone one you rock i am so glad were all friends again. With one acxeption Taylor Omg she makes me want to kill her but hey thats her fault...lol

Tommorow is my 13th b-day YEAH

January 26 oh ya.


Fly Away With Me

Hey [Monday

[ mood | Sad but Happy ]

Todays the last game. Awwe.

2 days till my b-day. 13 baby. I am so happy

Omg leave me a comment. Please!

Will You 1 Fly Away With Me

Hey [Sunday

[ mood | Confused ]

Whatching the eagles and then the Patriots

The Patriots gotta win!
Eagles...Its ok if they lose.

What do you think?

Leave me something nice to read sry i was mean to your really nice entry I liked reading it leave me something sweet.

I <3 ?

Will You 4 Fly Away With Me

Better [Saturday

[ mood | One game left ]

Hey how are you all...today I am feeling better


Life is ok... Cheerleading is almost over Mondays the last game see most of you there it's at Western and starts at 4:15 so I will see you there!

<3 Megan

Will You 2 Fly Away With Me

Hiya [Friday

[ mood | Sick : ( ]

I finally got my live journal and on the day I feel like crap once again
I will hopefully be at school Monday See you then.

So...I am feeling a little better so I will ttyl!

I <3 ?

Will You 1 Fly Away With Me

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